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JSC “Krasnoyarskgrafit” undertakes measures on industrial safety in the following key directions:

  • Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities;
  • Industrial Fire Safety;
  • Environmental Compliance;
  • Occupational Safety Compliance.

In order to fulfil the above tasks, the staffing table provides the post of deputy chief engineer for Health, Safety and Environment.

In order to monitor industrial safety measures pursuant to the requirements of the Federal Law no. 2 116 dated July, 21, 1997 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities” (as revised in Federal Law N. 22-FZ dated 04.03.2013) the enterprise developed “Regulation on Operational Control of Compliance with Industrial Safety Requirements at Hazardous Production Facilities of JSC “Krasnoyarskgrafit” for monitoring implementation  

In the course of a year, operational control service conducts industrial safety inspection of hazardous production facilities, reveals violations of laws and regulations. Upon completion of every inspection, Chief Engineer holds technical meetings where the period for compliance is specified and supervisors responsible for compliance are appointed.

Managers and technicians are qualified in Rostechnadzor Yenisey Department Comittees in timely manner; meanwhile work units are tested on their knowledge in the qualification committee of the enterprise.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Federal Law no. 2 116 dated July, 21, 1997 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities” JSC Krasnoyarskgrafit carried out the renewal of Hazardous Production Facilities in Unified State Register. According to the Certificate the following hazardous production facilities have been registered:

  • Lifting equipment area – IV class of hazard;
  • Kureyka mine – III class of hazard;
  • Gas tank unit – III class of hazard;
  • Gas consumption system of JSC Krasnoyarskgrafit – III class of hazard.

Pursuant to Article 15, item 1, FZ no. 116 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities” all the above mentioned hazardous facilities are insured in LLC VTB Insurance.

For the meeting of fire safety requirements, Krasnoyarkgrafit has developed a series of the following arrangements: the plan for fire prevention measures is developed annually, fire safety briefing and training are carried out for employees. The following technical measures are also taken: refilling of available fire extinguishers, fire hoses testing, facilities surveys, fireproofing bearing wooden structures.

The legal requirements for occupational safety are met: employees are trained to be aware of job descriptions and working instructions, occupational safety instructions; in a timely manner engineers and technicians are qualified in examination centers on occupational safety; in accordance with the applicable law, the special assessment of labor conditions is carried out. The data of the latest special assessment is available by the link below.