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Conductive coating

Good conductive coating is made of dispersed conductive graphite coated particles. It can provide excellent static conductivity and a energy absorbing protection layer. It also provides good covering protective properties. Coating with water-based and solvent, and can be applied in the aluminum, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium bipolar plate.
Now battery positive plate and negative electrode sheet were using a conductive coating.

It has some main advantages.

  1. protection of collector, and improve battery life cycles, so the energy storage battery can be widely used;
  2. to improve the active material and the electric pole piece contacts, to improve adhesion;
  3. increase the specific surface area, to improve the resistance, in particular, high-power battery;
  4. to improve the battery performance rate.

Conductive coating has a broad future development scenarios, and now many American lithium battery manufacturers are using this technology.

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