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Graphite Briquette

In steelmaking, natural graphite briquette is used as an agent to increase the carbon content of steel.The largest use of natural graphite briquette is in the manufacturing of steel for refractory products due to its high melting point, thermal conductivity, and low reactivity.natural graphite briquette in this end use mostly goes into carbon raising in molten steel, although it can be used to lubricate the dies used to extrude hot steel. Supplying carbon raisers is very competitive, therefore subject to cut-throat pricing from alternatives such as synthetic graphite powder, petroleum coke, and other forms of carbon. A carbon raiser is added to increase the carbon content of the steel to the specified level.

The electrodes used in many electrical metallurgical furnaces, including the electric arc furnaces used in steel processing, are manufactured from graphite. In the production of steel itself, graphite is used as a carbon raiser to strengthen steel. Its also used in blast furnace linings for the production of iron because of its high thermal conductivity.

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